Organic farming - Alternative agriculture

Sabine´s Organic Farm is situated close to Old Schloen. Together with her husband Heinz Helmut and their son Alexander, its owner, Sabine Kosin, cultivates an area of about 40 hectare - in the same way as farmers have done hundred years ago. 150 pigs as well as nine dairy cows belong to the farm. All its products carry the BIOPARK-Seal.

The farmyard itself is the home of Heinz Helmut Kosin. His grandparents founded the farm in 1936. After 1945, the mother alone cultivated the land. She and her family could hardly make a living of their work and joined the LPG in 1961. Even though Heinz Kosin worked on the farm already when he was only ten years old, he chose to join the army and became a lieutenant. After the German reunification, he lost his job and returned to the farm - twenty hectares were signed over to him, 18 he bought additionally. At the age of forty, he started a training to become a farmer. Now, at the age of 62, he works from morning till night. He truly enjoys his life - even though farming alone does not provide for his living.

Although organic meat is reputedly much in demand, Heinz Kosin has only about one fifth left of what the consumer himself paid for the meat. Therefore, he expanded his farmyard so that, nowadays, up to 25 tourists can stay there. For the Kosins, this makes holidays fro themselves impossible, but they enjoy their work enough to make up for it.

Old Schloen

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