A point where rivers meet

A small community, Schloen is situated close to the town Waren. The river Ostpeene rises just south of Old Schloen only to then run through the small city by the Lake Torgelow. Due to the course of the river, the town centre still harbours the last remaining of formerly three water mills, driven by the river Ostpeene. After their shutdown, one mill had been rebuilt in its modern form in 1999. Today, the mill building serves as restaurant and holiday rental.

Records mention Schloen as early as 1218. In former times, the town had been quite important, even a considerable stretch of land carried its old name "terra slone". "Slone" stands for "a point where rivers meet" and designates the many tributaries of the river Ostpeene. At the time of the Wends, the castle "Slone" had been the home of the tribal elder who led the armed forces and administered justice. Thanks to that former significance, a church had been erected at the beginning of the 13th century, combining roman and gothic stylistic elements. Especially the church tower, built in 1765, is visible for miles around.