Master of the sugar: Ingo Kuchenbrandt

Ingo Kuchenbrandt can be proud of himself. Thanks to him and his team, the story of the Anklam sugar refinery has not come to an end. Due to his efforts, the sugar refinery even enlarged its production and now also manufactures bioethanol. By doing so, he sustained 120 jobs and even created 15 new ones.

For 40 years, Kuchenbrandt has worked in the Anklam sugar refinery. He once learned to be a motor mechanic for agricultural machines, later studied agricultural engineering and economics. Kuchenbrandt can still remember how, in old LPG-times, farmers were assigned to the "sugar campaigns" and, merely fitted with shovels, scooped the beets, which had been delivered by horse and then cart of by wagon onto the conveyor belts. Hard work, dirt everywhere. Then, there were scarcely any machines nor time, because the beetroots had to be processed within two months since otherwise they would rot. Nowadays, Kuchenbrandt is the responsible business manager and takes care of the financial side of the production; seeing to balances, cash flow forecasts or workforce numbers. Though he does love his job, he is going to retire in 2010. Michael Sauer, a long-time colleague since the early 1990s, will take his place.