A fishing village at the Mediterranean Sea

Puerto de Sóller is a small fishing village in the municipality of Sóller. Sóller is one of Majorca's 53 municipalities and has about 13.000 inhabitants. One of Sóller´s most attractive touristy sights is a tramway which has been commuting between Sóller and Puerto de Sóller since 1922. Since 2007, the tram only drives the street along the quay, while the car traffic to the harbour has been rerouted through a 1,3 km long tunnel.

The small fishing village Puerto de Sóller is situated beside a circular bay with a fine sand beach and is surrounded by popular tourist hiking trails. One of the best-known hiking regions leads into the famous valley landscape of Sóller with its tradition-rich farming. Already Ludwig Salvator had recognised the beauty of this region and established a riding trail at Valdemossa, another Majorcan municipality, in the 19th century. The former riding trail is now used mostly by tourists, passes of the cliffs and crosses the plateau along Majorca's northern coast line.

Puerto de Sóller

A fishing village at the Mediterranean Sea The life of a fisherman EU fisheries regulations in the Mediterranean Fishing tourism on Majorca