Sóller - the mountain village

The small but wealthy village of Sóller is situated at the north coast of Majorca, about four kilometres inland. Protected by the surrounding mountain range, Sóller lies in one of the most fertile Majorcan valleys, which is called the garden of Majorca. Plenty of lemons, oranges, olives and almonds prosper, here. The picturesque village can be visited easily with the historic railway called "Red flash" which runs between Palma and Sóller and therefore is a popular touristy destination for a day trip. Right in the centre of the mountains range "Sierra de Tramuntana", Sóller is located in a valley at Majorca's north-western coast, north of Palma and about thirty kilometres away from the capital of the Balearic Islands.

Around the time that the Romans lived on Majorca (from 123 B.C.), Sóller was mentioned first in historical records. Just like most Majorcans then, the people lived on farming, stock breeding and - in many cases - on piracy. But after the French Revolution, many French citizens emigrated to Sóller. These began a fruit merchandise with their homeland. Besides oranges and lemons, also almonds, figs and olives were predominantly shipped to France. Up to today, the trade of Majorcan fruits is one of the town's most important economic factors.