Ludwig Salvator - The man who discovered Majorca

In 1847, Ludwig Salvator was born the son of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold III. Though he was part of the Tuscan branch of the noble house of Habsburg-Lothringen - and thus a close relative of Franz Josef I Austria - he was less concerned with the court's etiquette but with the studies of nature and diverse languages. In 1859, when the family had to leave revolutionary Florence and moved to Brandeis Castle near Prague, it seemed initially that young Ludwig was destined to go into politics. Very soon, though, the young man realised that a career as a public servant or a military officer was not his evocation. The numerous travels of his youth had aroused a longing for the Sea and the Mediterranean. So, in 1867, Salvator undertook his first journey to the Balearic Islands, carrying the pseudonym "Ludwig Count of Neudorf", intending to pursue studies of natural science. The wild beauty of Majorca's main island and the kindness of its inhabitants impressed him so deeply that, only three years later, he chose the island as his adoptive home. The first European dropout was to find his home in Son Marroig. Down to the present day, this choice is of priceless value to Majorca. In 1914, due to the breakout of the First World War, Salavator had to leave the island and died in Prague, only one year later.

Son Marroig

Ludwig Salvator - The man who discovered Majorca Son Marroig - Salvator´s adoptive home The Salvator museum