The story of a castle

Ulrichshusen Castle is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Like no other example of architecture, the castle at Lake Ulrichshusen reflects the changeful history of the very old noble house of Maltzahn.

The name of the castle goes back to Ulrich of Maltzahn, who had the castle built around 1562. Only 60 years later, a fire destroyed major parts of the castle. Thanks to Bern-Ludolph of Maltzahn, Ulrichshusen was rebuilt just a short time later. He attended to the severely damaged castle and restored it in only two years´ time. Shortly after the Thirty Years War, Ulrichshusen was sold to a Swedish General for thirty pounds. The castle returned to family-property as late as 1742. After the Second World War, Ulrichshusen served different functions. It was used as a refuge for fugitives and expatriates. Later, the castle became a dance hall. For unresolved reasons, Ulrichshusen castle burned down to the ground in 1987.

In 1993, Helmut Baron of Maltzahn bought the castle and began to restore its buildings and gardens piece by piece. His work was worthwhile: Since 2001, the castle restorations are finished. Ever since, the castle attracts about 50.000 tourists each year. Moreover, Ulrichshusen has become one of the most important regional festival locations.